Sepia Saturday – (S)No Shoveling

Sepia Saturday provides bloggers with an opportunity to share their history through the medium of photographs. Historical photographs of any age or kind become the launchpad for explorations of family history, local history and social history in fact or fiction, poetry or prose, words or further images.

Winter in central Texas has been even milder than usual. In February the temperature has already reached 85 degrees and many days have seen the upper 70s. The apple tree in our back yard (an Israeli variety) is full of buds and a couple have blossomed. One of my friends recently posted a screenshot on Facebook of her weather app showing a temp of 75 degrees and wrote: “January helps me survive August here.”

So true!

Anyway, I thought about posting our rare (but not sepia) pictures of the few times we have had measurable snow in the past 15 years, but as I looked through some of the older family pictures, I came across one that seemed perfect for this week’s prompt.

Here we have snow, houses in the background, window coverings, a short fence (or porch railing) partially hidden by snow, a post, warm hats and coats. Most important, though, are the people with snow shovels who are not shoveling. And a bystander – or in this case – a bysitter.

The photograph came from my Grandmother’s photo album and was probably taken in Weedsport, New York during the winter of 1940-41. The cute kids are the children of Fred and Carol Webber, my great aunt and uncle. (Fred being my Grandmother Abbie’s younger brother.)

Now take a break from your shoveling and warm yourself while visiting other Sepia Saturday bloggers.






28 comments on “Sepia Saturday – (S)No Shoveling

  1. Love that photo – what a great find….I like your humour…by-sitter…I had to read it twice ;)

  2. Bob Scotney on said:

    Lovely photo. That’s the age to be in the snow.

  3. Peter Miebies on said:

    A charming threesome!
    Is that a Christmas wreath in the window?

  4. Kathy Matthews on said:

    What a great photo. Ones like these remind me of the saying, “Every picture tells a story.” This one sure does, and would make a great writing prompt.

    Kathy M.

  5. Mariann Regan on said:

    Love the photo! Two standers and a bysitter. Exactly what I want to be with our 34″ of snow in CT right outside our door. Thank you for sharing this with us and cheering us up!

  6. postcardy on said:

    Just the right amount of snow for little kids to play in.

  7. Karen S. on said:

    They are adorable, and having a blast in the snow!

  8. Brett Payne on said:

    Just having the images in sepia makes them feel a little warmer.

  9. Alan Burnett on said:

    A Lovely photograph. You are lucky with your weather, but, as you say, the other side of the coin is sweltering summers. I always comfort myself with the thought that it is easier to keep warm than keep cool, but as I look out of my window and see the snow again falling I suspect I “protest too much”.

  10. Little Nell on said:

    I think they were just having a little rest from their labours. Brett is right about the sepia tinge too. It’s a charming photograph.

  11. anyjazz on said:

    Fine old photograph!

    Your description of your weather parallels mine. I am not very far north of you, I think.

  12. Child-size snow shovels made the work seem like play, I bet. Clever of your great aunt and uncle~

  13. TICKLEBEAR on said:

    Good that you went through those old pics.
    This is perfect!!

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