Hey – That’s Me!

I was quite surprised when I received an email from Gini of Ginisology last month asking if I would answer some questions for the “May I Introduce to You ….” series at GeneaBloggers. I feel very honored to be recognized this week. Thank you, Gini and Thomas MacEntee for publishing this series.

I wrote my responses in a hurry – thinking I had procrastinated. Then I learned that there were still a couple of weeks before it would post. I thought about going over it with a fine tooth comb to make it better. But I didn’t. So my “off the cuff” words stand in perpetuity.

If you would like to read it, just follow this link.

You may have noticed I’m not blogging as much as usual – pretty much just getting out a Sepia Saturday post – and sometimes not even that. And I’m not getting around to my fellow bloggers to read and comment as I like to do. I hope that will change soon. The older I get, the more a little change in routine seems to put everything off kilter.

18 thoughts on “Hey – That’s Me!

  1. I loved reading your reasons for starting your blog on Geneabloggers . The six reasons you listed ( esp. about the kids, and the dining room table !) for starting your blog. You duplicated my experience very well .Love the names, Adeline & Eveline, too. Look like you got a great start .


  2. Enjoyed your comments in “Let Me Introduce To You.” I’ve been a member of Geneabloggers for about five months. I joined to give me an incentive to post my gg grandfather’s letters I’ve had for over thirty years. It’s now difficult to get to the next letters because I find so much history surrounding each letter and can’t stop blogging about it. :-).

    Regards, Grant


  3. “Thats me” was interesting and I am sure you deserved the recognition. I know you put in lots of hours with the geneology and still find time to “blog”. I do read all of them and I guess I should acknowledge that even though I don’t have a comment. Anyhow, keep it up.

  4. Great interview Kathy. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog posts. I’m sure your children, nieces and nephews will truly appreciate your efforts to record and preserve the family history in years to come. Congrats!

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