Sepia Saturday – And Now Your Favorite Flying Cowboy …

Could it be? Sky King? The flying cowboy?

Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy with lasso and sheep cropped

Looks like he has this case tied up. That wooly bandit was up to no good, but his criminal ways have been put to an end!

Well, okay … it’s not really Sky King since Sky King didn’t hit the airwaves until 1946 and this photo was taken about 1930. But maybe, just maybe, the radio and television shows were based on the childhood exploits of my father-in-law, Martin Morales. Here’s a day in his life – his 2nd birthday seems like a good guess to me.

Martin was a busy cowboy that day. He arrived in a blur in his speedy airplane.

Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy in airplane

His cowgirl cousin met him at the ranch. They were ready for anything.
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy and ?First there were chores to do out in the pasture.
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy cutting grass 2

The horses needed to be lassoed and tended to.Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy with ponyWait! Who is this bad guy and what kind of mischief is he up to?
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy and ? with sheep“I’ve got him covered. Call the sheriff!”
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy with lasso and sheep croppedLet’s head into town for some sarsaparilla. I could use a stiff drink!
Morales, Martin Mooney Abt 2-3, cowboy and ? on back of car

sepia sat 6 dec 2014Golly, Friends, head on over to Sepia Saturday and see what the other kids are up to today!

Fellows and girls, you can watch an episode of Sky King right here!




20 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday – And Now Your Favorite Flying Cowboy …

  1. Fun story in cute pictures, & the episode of Sky King was fun too. Those old series seem so funky now. Gosh.

    • Martin Morales is a hoot! He’s got so much cowboy gear on that if he fell over, he’d never be able to get up! And Sky King? Haven’t thought of that show in years…great post!

  2. I’ve never heard of Sky King, but what a wonderful series of photos of your young father-in-law in his great cowboy suit. The Lone Ranger was my favourite cowboy serial.

  3. I wish we had a video of your father-in-law walking in that get-up. Kathy, these photos are so cute — that plane! that lawn mower! And a real pony. It must have been a great day. And I do remember Sky King and Penny!

    • A video would be fun! He had every toy imaginable, I think. There were also photos of him at other ages in other cowboy outfits, but I loved this set of pictures.

  4. A fun series of pictures. It must have been especially fun having real animals to play with.

    • Right in Houston, Texas! They did have property, out of town. I don’t know if the pony and sheep were theirs and were usually out there or not. But they always had an assortment of animals, I think.

  5. I don’t think Sky King made it to the UK. This is a marvellous series of photos – each one’s a gem.

  6. That was a fun post! The last photo was great; the look on their faces was priceless!

  7. The first photo of Martin and sheep had me, I cannot imagine any sheep standing still for a good hosing but there it was…all great photos.. And then there he is roping the very patient horse…he really had an adventure at a young age..even better photos recorded it.

  8. I hadn’t heard of Sky King either. Loved this selection of photos – particularly the last one – what a hoot. Very impressed by the mobile phone technology in the truck in that episode of Sky King.

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