Another New Page – Ancestor Signatures

scan0044I think this is the last Page I’ll add for a while. I can’t think of any more blog organization to do instead of writing or getting ready for Christmas. :)

The page is just for fun – a place to collect the signatures of my ancestors. I’m starting with just two, but there will be more to come. Many more, I hope! Ancestor Signatures

In the meantime, I reread a post I did about my grandmother’s handwriting and how it changed over the years. It made me miss her. I hope you will read it if you missed it the first time around.

Eveline’s Changing Penmanship

New Bible Records Page

DSCN1906I may not be writing, but I’m doing a little organizing. A couple of days ago I added a landing page for my great-uncle, Fred Myron Webber. Today I added a landing page for Bible records.

The page for the Joseph Coates Bible has only one linked post, but I did a series of posts about the Bible belonging to my second great-grandparents George Washington Bryan and Sarah Bryan nee Stokes.

I had a couple more posts planned, but chemotherapy messed with my brain and I never finished. I’ll get back to it one of these days. In the meantime, all of the posts now live happily together on their own page.

By the way, my favorites are:
Bryan Family Bible – To Honor a Life
Bryan Family Bible – A Strand of Hair that Matches Mine

The Fred Myron Webber Page

Well …. so much for blogging every day. It turned out to be more like one week. :( Let’s blame it on the time of the year, shall we?

I’ve been wanting to write more about my great-uncle Fred M. Webber but ran out of steam some time back. As I looked back at my previous posts about him, I decided to give him his own landing page. As I write other pieces about him, I’ll link them to his page.

I hope you will visit his page and get to know Uncle Fred along with me. His story is timely as our nation continues to struggle with issues of justice and civil rights.

BS Segregation Baltimore Miller Bros.jpg