The Secret Life of Bloggers #2

Secret Life of BloggersI’m back for my second installment. If you are new to The Secret Life of Bloggers, here’s the scoop as described at World Turned Upside Down:

All you have to do is take a photo of something you did or experienced each day of the week and post your photos each Friday. You can include captions about what was happening when the photo was taken or a short statement about your day.

It’s been fun – something to focus on each day. Here’s my week in photographs.

Friday 1-17-2014  

2014.01.17 Tina leaves

Daughter #2 leaves for college out of state. Tears in my eyes.

2014.01.17 gift2014.01.17 Merry brings gifts

Just what the doctor ordered. More tears.

Saturday 1-18-2014


Rusted trees. No, wait…. that’s pollen. Achoo!

Sunday 1-19-2014



Monday 1-20-2014

DSCN3344We will sit and look cute for the picture because you have treats in your hand.

Tuesday 1-21-2014

2014.01.22 cropWatching Gilmore Girls without my girl.

Wednesday 1-22-2014

photo (24)

In the absence of Daughter #2, Dreamboat and I take in the view from her bed. A comfortable spot for my morning quiet time.

Thursday 1-23-2014

photo (25)

My friend came over to teach me something simple that I can crochet in the coming days. As we began to work this potholder, I went to a drawer and pulled out one that my grandmother made. I am sure it is the same pattern.

The Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party #1

Secret Life of BloggersI’ve been letting things go around here…. chemo, daughter #1’s wedding, a cold, daughter #2 leaving for a new college experience out of state, preparations of mind and body for a stem cell transplant … just no time or energy for this little blog. So when I saw “The Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party”, I thought I’d give it a try.

Here is info about the blogging party as described at World Turned Upside Down:

All you have to do is take a photo of something you did or experienced each day of the week and post your photos each Friday. You can include captions about what was happening when the photo was taken or a short statement about your day.

As bloggers, photographs are a huge component to telling a story. Being forced to take one photo everyday also helps you get better at telling stories through pictures. It really makes you think about if you are telling the story in the best way you can. Plus, it will be great fun getting to see the secret background lives of our blogging friends. 🙂

I like the idea of taking a picture every day – even if I don’t party every week. So here is my first attempt (even though it is actually week 2).


2014.01.13 Glassware

We borrowed tons of glassware to use as candleholders at my daughter’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. This is the last of the glassware needing to be cleaned of wax and smoke. Whew! Glad that’s over!



The Christmas decorations were finally put away and it was time to return knick knacks to their pre-Christmas locations. These adorable birds (pitcher, cream and sugar, and one remaining salt shaker) belonged to my grandmother Abbie Smith Brender nee Webber. I love them! This time I put down some different linens for them to perch on. I haven’t decided if I like them on these linens or not.



Although I need to do this every day, I don’t. When I do, my life and my health and my attitude are better. This was a lovely warm day and I feel most like praying and meditating when I can be outside. On the table are the remains of a snack – popcorn and a chai latte. The books are One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, Illuminated Prayers by Marianne Williamson, Ten Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo, and the open book is The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. The index cards are my brief notecard version of How to Have a Good Day Every Day by Norman Vincent Peale.


photo (22)

I call this my Altar of Encouragement. The table holds cards and gifts I have received from family and friends during cancer treatment. I had to take it down so the Christmas tree could go in this spot. Today I took care of the plants and set up the altar again. It is right where I can see it from my favorite spot on the couch.


2014.01.16 No cancer2Here I am holding the results of a bone marrow biopsy and a CT scan that indicate no evidence of cancer. We have kicked this lymphoma into remission. Now that I am in remission, I can go forward with a stem cell transplant.

Well, that’s my life this week. I like taking a picture every day, but some days I found it hard to take just one or at least to post just one. I’ll try to do this again next week.

Vintage Baby Cards = Vintage Me

When I was working on my last post, The Book of Me – My Birth, I found the gift cards from a baby shower and lots of other cards sent to my parents when I was born. I love the style of these cards from the 50s and, although I hate to admit it, these vintage cards date me as vintage too.

I thought I’d share a few of the cards – either because they are cute or depict the style of the day – or because I thought the present day descendants of the senders would like to see them.

This first one is strictly shown for its style.
kathy baby card 1 front

kathy baby card 1 front inside1


kathy baby card 1 front inside2

kathy baby card 1 front inside3

The card below is from my great aunt and uncle – Woodye Webber Kessler (my grandmother Abbie’s sister) and Orville Kessler and their girls. This card is hand made – I assume by Aunt Woodye. All of the little babies are cut out – possibly from another card. I love the little diapers on the clothes line that she cut out and glued into place. And it is all so neatly done!
kathy baby card from Woodye kathy baby card from Woodye inside


This note makes me want to know more.
kathy baby card Grandmother Smith

kathy baby card Grandmother Smith back

Effie B. Hall Smith

Effie B. Hall Smith

I don’t know who wrote the note. It is addressed to “Dear Grandchildren” – I assume this means my parents. The note refers to Grandmother Smith – my Dad’s grandmother. Did Grandmother Smith write this note about herself in the 3rd person? That’s what it sounds like to me.

She apparently made a quilt and blanket for me. I never knew my Great-grandmother Smith and I didn’t know that she made these gifts for me. I wish I could see them or know what they looked like!

I think this is the only picture I have of my Great-grandmother Smith. It looks to me like she is crocheting a big afghan or blanket in this picture. She must have been a woman who liked to keep her hands busy.

This last card is from my Mom’s brother and his wife. (Click to enlarge.)
kathy baby card Al and Miriamkathy baby card Al and Miriam inside

It looks like all of the cards were once glued into a scrapbook and later torn out. I also found a scrapbook page with a few notes (written by my mom) about a baby shower given by my Grandmother Abbie and a couple of other women. Grandma Abbie was a crafty lady – I bet she did the napkins folded to look like a baby gown – or at least found the idea for them.
kathy baby shower scrapbook page

Baby Shower
Hostesses Doris Karell, Alma Oliver & Abbie Smith
The napkin

Cream & sugar served from small baby bottles with tops cut off nipples.
Hazel brought blanket with dummy inside to look like baby. Used mirror for face.

The scrapbook page is folded over and this is what is on the reverse.
kathy baby shower scrapbook page reverse

… the details of a couple of games that were played at the baby shower. The list looks like words to unscramble. The difficult-to-read note says: Also passed around tray of different articles you take a good look then tray is removed you write down items you can remember.

There are many more cards, but I think that’s enough to share here. I enjoyed looking through all of them and imagining the ladies at the baby shower.