Short Stack

Eveline Coates, Alice Tingle and Friends

I’ve been following Retronaut recently. You could describe it as an online gallery of old photographs, usually with some cultural or pop culture significance. Yesterday’s pictures reminded me of a photograph of my Grandma Eveline Coates Hoskins. The particular photos shared on Retronaut are taken from The Burns Archive, so you can view them there if you like. The Burns Archive calls stacking a “forgotten sport”.

The photo of Grandma and her friends is a “short stack” in comparison to the towering stack of people posing in the linked photographs. I can’t quite figure out how they did this. They appear to be over water. Is it a stack? Or is it just the point of view of the camera that makes it appear so? Was stacking for photos really a fad in the early 1900s?

I can’t identify everyone in this picture, but I know who the two leaning to the left are. Alice Tingle, Eveline’s friend and future sister-in-law, has dark hair and is 2nd from the bottom. Eveline is above her, leaning in the same direction.

Can you identify the other girls in this picture?

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