Treasure Chest Thursday – Abbie’s Photo Wallet

I was looking for some pictures of my Uncle Mike and I found a couple in this little photo wallet that belonged to my Grandma Abbie (Webber Smith Brender). I bet she kept it in her purse at one time or another.

I decided to scan all the contents as they will likely be separated some day and I want a record of how they once “lived” together.

The first item is this cartoon that I assume is an advertisement for a company named ABBEY. Maybe one of her relatives or a friend cut it out and gave it to her. Was Abbie the person to call when there was a problem? Had she come to the rescue of the person who gave it to her?

Next I found a couple of photos of Uncle Mike (Abbie’s son). I feel like there must be a story behind this one. Look at that big smile!

Next is a picture of Uncle Mike and Aunt Beth with my cousin when he was one month old. They make such a cute family!

The next few pictures are school pictures of the cousin above and his sister. Then there is one of Abbie’s sister’s son.

The “pages” are all empty after that until the very last one which holds this:

This prayer, written in the 1550s and included in English prayer books (primers) was set to music by John Rutter. It looks like Grandma cut this out of a Christian newsletter or church bulletin and folded it to fit in her photo wallet. Here is a recording of the melody:

If anyone in the family can shed light on the picture of Mike or the ABBEY cartoon, I hope you’ll leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Treasure Chest Thursday – Abbie’s Photo Wallet

  1. How fun to go through your grandmother’s wallet to see what surprises you’d find. Just a guess – wonder if ABBEY was a furniture company? I did a search online but didn’t find anything. I love this prayer – it really speaks to me. It’s lovely set to music – so peaceful.

    • A furniture company makes sense.. I’ll bet you are right about that. I agree about the prayer too. I can understand why she carried it with her.

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