Abbie and Eveline were my grandmothers. I was blessed to spend time with one or the other of them nearly every day until the summer of my 7th year, when I moved away from the grandmothers who had played such a significant role in my life. I’m pretty sure that my love for genealogy and all things vintage is their fault.

This is my attempt to collect, share and preserve our family stories – some of which I missed hearing and telling around my grandmothers’ dinner tables. I am also hopeful that I might meet some new “cousins” and that we can share and learn from each other. And let’s be honest, sometimes I’ll just write about whatever I feel like!

I enjoy hearing from readers, relatives and new cousins, so please leave a comment or email me at abbieandeveline (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please note -

I am an amateur genealogist. I do this for fun and because I love my family. This is also my first foray into blogging. I may will make mistakes along the way. If you see a mistake here, please let me know in your kindest words. And please back up what you find here with your own research. I made a lot of mistakes when I first started researching my family and didn’t always document well or make a note of information sent to me. I’m trying to be much better, but I’m still learning.

Photographs and written material © Kathy Smith Morales. Please do not use without my written permission. abbieandeveline at gmail dot com.


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  1. Deb Hoskins on said:

    You look SO studious, my cousin! The young’uns will want to know what that machine is. Tell ‘em it’s an iPad Max.

  2. Karen Letsos on said:

    I enjoyed this article very much! I am related to the Morales family also, as my great grandfather was the owner, Martin Morales. Can you tell me who authors this piece?
    I am interested in finding out more about my family.
    Thank you,
    Karen Letsos

  3. Rodney Greene on said:

    We have an old chest with the name “Ms Sarah E. Bryan Ft Valley Ga”. Just curious if it was yours or kin of you..

    • I doubt that this Sarah Bryan is related to me because she was never in Georgia. How nice of you to ask, though! I hope you find one of her descendants.

  4. Mary Lou Armenta on said:

    In Regards to; John Yost and his wife, Barbara Silar, share a marker. Again – a verse near the bottom that I can’t read.( it is a hymm!) The name is “How Blest The Righteous When He Dies!” It reads:
    How blest the righteous when he dies!
    When sinks a weary soul to rest,
    How mildly beam the closing eyes,
    How gently heaves th’expiring breast!
    The second verse was changed a bit but it is this hymm.
    I hope this helps. I enjoyed trying to find it. The name John Yost brings me here. The one I was looking for is a counselor in Modesto,CA.

  5. Queen Bee on said:

    Hi Kathy,

    Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and hope you are doing okay. I’ve missed your posts. Take care and know that many people are praying for you. :)

    PS Sorry to post this here, but I couldn’t find an email address for you.

    • Thank you so much! I’m doing ok. I have neglected my blog and just decided I’d better pay a visit here and see what’s going on and if I have something I could post. And I never replied to your lat comment! :( Although I did read it. I had chemo #4 on Monday, so I’m over half way through this part of treatment. You can email at abbieandeveline at gmail dot com. I haven’t been checking it much, but I will. :) I think it shows up on the About page?

  6. Thomas Hill on said:

    I am not related to your lineage, but I believe I found a Release deed document I believe to be in relation to your family for a John M. Cooper and Nancy Cooper, the documents are from 1887 and are signed by Nancy Cooper.

  7. B.Strange on said:

    Just wanted you to know the Strange family from Oregon will keep you and your family in our prayers.When you are feeling up to talking .I would love to talk to you by phone about your Strange family line.We are cousins.E-mail me at above e-mail and I will send you my phone #. The Strange Family

  8. Alice " Kay" (Tipton) Gentry on said:

    Saw your Bryan Bible info. Just recently found out that we are related to REBECCA BRYAN BOONE, wife of frontiersman DANIEL BOONE of Kentucky.

    Rebeccas grandfather is MORGAN BRYAN b1671-d1762
    MARTHA STROBE. b1678
    Rebeccas father.. JOSEPH B BRYAN. b 1739. d. 1813
    I think this is the same family as yours. Especially the use of HESTER in naming.
    If you send me a way I will send info on this line.
    I am 65 years old. Not too computer ” savvy” LOL


    • kathy on said:

      Hi Kay – I see that you found a way to contact me, so guess you are pretty “savvy” after all. :) I saw your emails before this comment and just sent you a reply. Thank you for leaving a comment and the email links! It has been so long since I have looked farther back than my ancestors in the Bible, that I need to play catch-up! I may have some other things that would also be of interest to you. I’ll have to look.

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