My Families

These pages are still under construction. They are organized by the ancestors of my grandparents: Abbie Webber, Eveline Coates, Charles Smith and Thomas Hoskins. Here’s a brief summary:


Coates (Iowa and Durham, England)
Harris (Durham and Cornwall, England)
Jenkins (Durham and Cornwall, England)
Richardson (Durham, England)
Elgey (Durham, England)

Hoskins (Iowa, Missouri, and parts east to be determined)
Bryan (Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky)
Stokes (Iowa, Kentucky)
Westfall (Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia)
Cooley (Iowa, Indiana or Ohio)


Smith (Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, maybe Virginia)
Yost (Iowa, Virginia, West Virginia)
Johns(t)on (Iowa, Kentucky, Illinois, Kentucky)
Gandy (Iowa, West Virginia, Maryland)

Webber (Iowa, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New York)
Tate (Pennsylvania, New York)
Embree (Kansas, New York, New Jersey)
Badgley (New Jersey, New York)
Hatfield (New Jersey)
Noe (New Jersey)
Force (New Jersey)
Frazee (Iowa, New Jersey)
Melyn (New Jersey, Amsterdam, Holland)


4 comments on “My Families

  1. Peter Miebies on said:

    Hi Kathy:
    Did I see a Dutch line among the surnames you are investigating? I mean of course “Melyn (New Jersey, Amsterdam, Holland)”. I have to admit that I did not recognize this as surname of Dutch origin. But a quick check revealed the Dutch equivalent Melijn. Also saw an Isaac Melijn being baptized in NY on 5/30/1684. I have the following question. On my blog I publish a list of mainly US/CAN bloggers with Dutch roots. The idea is that Dutch genealogists who are looking for emigrated ancestors, usually can’t find these people because they vanished from the archives here. My blog tries to give them a hand. You may find the list at I like to have your permission to incorporate your blog in that list as well.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • I have to admit that this part of my family “research” is not really mine. I have a great-aunt who did a lot of research on this part of our family and what I have, I got from her. I’ve been so busy trying to get as many stories as I can from those still living that I’ve been neglecting any actual research of the long-ago ancestors. She traces our family back to Lambrecht Melyn, father of Andres Lambert Melyn born Nov. 1597, died 9 Nov. 1606 in Belgium. Others in the line or married into – are Cornelile (Cornelis) Melyn, Mariken Melyn, and Janneken Adriaens, some of whom lived in Amsterdam. I haven’t looked at this in ages. I suppose I should post copies of her research. You are welcome to link my blog if you think it fits.

      • Peter Miebies on said:

        You are the first blog on my list now! I will also show the Melyn name in another list
        I’ll keep my fingers crossed for some positive feed back.
        Thanks for your permission. If there is anything you want me to add/change, please let me know.

        • Exciting. Sometimes I forget that just as I can often only find my ancestors after they arrived on the American continent, those across the sea lose track once they departed. Crossing my fingers.

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